I’ve been a member since October and I love the community! The coaches are knowledgeable and attentive and they care about all the athletes! Safety is important and they will scale any exercise to where you’re at in your fitness journey. If you’re thinking about trying it... DO IT!

-Kristen E.


Right next to the Orange Circle, kid friendly, new Rogue equipment, great owners, great staff. I love this place.

-Cary F.

I am very fortunate to call EagleWing Crossfit my home. EagleWing Crossfit: 6 Coaches & a Registered Dietician on staff, CrossFit, StrongFit, Nutrition program,  Endurance training clinics (running & rowing), Amazing community. What more could you ask for?

-Pat C.


I've been coached by Alisha & Bill in a snatch clinic & they were so thorough, professional & patient. Alisha has a keen eye for proper form & I know this is going to be an amazing box for athletes wanting to perfect their form & new athletes wanting to learn the right way, the safe way, the first time around. Beyond excited for you!

-Wendy L.

Bill & Alisha Halczyn, the owners of EagleWing Crossfit in Old Town Orange, rise to the top! Why? Well let me tell you...it is quite simple-passion for people, passion for the sport of Crossfit and a desire to always be learning and pushing themselves to be able to push their clients to excellence...whatever that excellence may be for each individual.

-Heather F.